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I tune up your body, mind and soul from instrument specific issues

15 E Kirby


About Me

My background

With over two decades of experience, I have a vast understanding of balancing of the body with Massage and Functional Medicine.

I have toured with musicals, bands and work with touring bands and local musicians from classical to rock as a health consultant. 

Allow me to visit you onsite or 

pop over to my Detroit office.

How I got started

Years of studies at prestigious institutions across Europe include rehabilitative therapy in Austria and Poland and cutting edge

 Sports Therapy in the UK. 

I now work with musical athletes. 

Also in my toolbag is Functional Medicine , Nutrition, Cupping & GuaSha & Ayurveda.‚Äč

Studio located in the Park Shelton.

My approach

I successfully work with legendary musicians to help tune up your body from instrument specific issues with massage, stretching, Ayurveda, Chinese and Functional  Medicine.

I love my job!

"Those that know her, say she 

performs magic." -AW


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By appointment. Allow me to visit you 

onsite if you are touring or pop 

over to my Detroit office.

RocknRoll Homeopathy


Homeopathy and Functional Medicine allow me to balance your circadian rhythms by testing and correcting hormones. The ideal time to allow sleep is between 10p-6a, yet musicians tend to start their evenings at 10p, creating a different rhythm.

Supporting your body system with nutrition and Ayurvedic herbs will afford an optimal foundation.

‚ÄčArtificial lighting (late night stage lights) is often overlooked as disrupting neurotransmitters Serotonin and Dopamine.  

Serotonin dysfunctions can result in mood swings, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, social withdrawal, suicidal thought, restlessness and fatigue.  

Dopamine controls our reward/pleasure centers in the brain. Dopamine allows us to make changes and have the motivation to stick to them. Low Dopamine leads to impaired mental performance, addictions, ADD, depression, poor concentration, severe disorganization, and inability to write. 

Ayurvedic herbs, nutrition and Chinese Medicine are fantastic support tools to keep your body, mind and soul in top shape. 


Physiotherapy (muscle therapy) is a dynamic technique that accelerates healing chronic pain. Look to us for neck arm shoulder and back pain, headache relief, carpal tunnel. We utilize Massage, Chinese Medicine and Alignment techniques to bring back balance. 

Think of what we do as sports therapy for musicians. 

We like to look at the body as a fine tuned instrument. Say your hip (knee, shoulder, elbow) are slightly out of tune (tight, impinged, painful) it will throw your posture off -not allowing your body to properly support itself to perform with ease. 

We consider the individual and give tools to create balance for your body to support your art. Wether jamming for fun, regular gigs, touring- classical violin to rock n roll drummers we can help you stay symptom free of pain, numbness, and repetitive stress.  


"ElbowQueen is a god" -Dawn M (guitar)

"Super stoked at finally releasing my arm/hand pain I suffered for years" -Ned S (guitar)

"No more impingements in my neck now that I am stretching" -John D (bass)

"Really getting work done, ElbowQueen helped me concentrate" Marco K (violin)

"Buzzed into Detroit on tour and the Elbow Queen really opened up my world....I am standing taller". TR (drummer)